Col de Beyrède

alt 1 415m | 28 km | 7.3%

Departure altitude: 657m / arrival altitude: 1,420m / cumulative positive elevation: 1,045m

This route links the village of Saint-Lary to the Col de Beyrède.

The Col de Beyrède (1417m) takes you from the Arreau valley to the Campan valley.
The Col de Beyrède is a forest pass where you will find a hotel near the summit. It is also a starting point for many hikes.

The course

Unknown pass ... A start that attacks strongly, from the village of Beyrède. Then, the slope is relatively gentle over 3 or 4 km, with even a ledge. It is then, when we arrive at the level of the 1st houses, the really serious things begin. 15%, on 2 occasions, a passage at 12%, and until the top, the slope only very rarely drops below 8%.

On arrival, a pass remained wild, calm, of incomparable charm. Tough, but worth it.

The other side, 2 forest roads (one which joins the Col d'Aspin road, and the other which goes down directly to Payolle) unpaved and quite damaged; the best is therefore to make the round trip from Sarrancolin.

The Profile

L'ascension du Col de Beyrède est plutôt courte (10 km) mais difficile, avec une pente de 7.3% en moyenne. Sur le parcours, admirez la vue.

The ascent is quite short (10 kms) but hard, with an average climb of 7,3%. On the way you will enjoy an amazing vue.