La Hourquette d'Ancizan

Alt. 1 564m | dist. 10 Km | 7.6%

Wild and big

Departure altitude: 764m / arrival altitude: 1120m / cumulative positive elevation: 1 147m

The Hourquette (meaning small pass) connects Ancizan in the Aure valley to Campan in the Payolle valley. Borrowed three times by the Tour de France cyclists (the last time in 2016), it is less frequented than the Col d'Aspin but is just as remarkable.


From Saint-Lary go to Ancizan (8 km). The climb starts at an altitude of 812 m. At the top, an extraordinary view over a beautiful valley and the Arbizon massif and a descent to Payolle Lake (1086 m) which winds alongside a tumultuous torrent.

This pass was recently taken by the Grande Boucle. To turn back, you can continue via the Aspin pass, descend to Arreau and reach Saint-Lary. 



The ascent start from Ancizan at 812 m of altitude and an average climb of 7,6% to end at 1564 m. So 757 m difference  for a 1 hour climb.