Saint-Lary - Col du Portet

alt 2 215m | 16 km | 8.7%

At summit of Pyrenees

Departure altitude: 822m / Arrival altitude: 2,219m / cumulative positive elevation: 1,675m


The road to the Col du Portet (from Espiaube to the top) is closed to all motorized vehicule in the two traffic ways until the 15th of July 2021. However all cyclist have to respect the traffic laws.

The Col du Portet is located above Saint Lary Village in the Hautes Pyrénées district. To reach the final climb you have to take the Pla d'Adet Resort road from Vignec Village, then follow Espiaube at a Cross Road ater Soulan village. You will find a mountain road with switbacks which is the heart of the resort in winter time.

With 2215 m of altitude, is highest than the famous Col du Tourmalet and became the highest french Pyrenees pass to be crossed by the Tour de Fance in 2018. It Is the new challenge for all cylist, tourists or professionals.


The climb star at 810 m of altitud at Vignec village to end at the top of the pass, after the switchbacks and the way in a short tunnel.  So a  longer a upper and higher climb than the Alpe d'huez !

You will climb that pass on 16kms with an average rise of 8,7%, sometimes it reach 11% ! "The Portet is a Giant, a Tourmalet Bis" said the enthousiastic tour de France Director while he was annoucing the race. A true Challenge for all cyclist.


Bring a road bike for this ascent on a grueling course with 1,500 m of vertical drop. During the climb, you will enjoy the view of the village of Saint-Lary.

When you reach the top of the pass which ends in a end road, you can take the time to breathe and admire the landscape, an exceptional panorama of the Pyrenees National Park.