La Route des Lacs

alt. 2 207 m | dist. 25,7 km | average slope 8 %

On the road to one of the "Grands Sites Occitanie" (Top sights of the Occitanie)

Departure altitude: 822m / arrival altitude: 2,168m / cumulative positive elevation: 1,974m

Despite the difficulty of the course, you can still admire the beautiful gorges or pine forests and the rhododendrons in bloom during the spring.

The course is punctuated by a succession of switchbacks where you can perhaps come across herds of cows or sheep.

Access restrictions for motor vehicles are in place from Lake Orédon to the upper lakes in summer, which will allow you to ride in peace.

The route

This route starts from Saint-Lary and takes you to Aubert Lake. It will allow you to discover the Néouvielle reserve and its splendid chain of Pyrenean lakes. Between the 10th and 12th kilometre, the gradient is very steep with 15% incline.

It is also possible to take a shorter route, but it is just as demanding until Cap de Long Lake and then forking at Orédon Lake.



The climb begins at 830m with an average gradient of 8% (peaking at 15% at 1,700m) over of a total distance of 25.2 kilometres. Finishing at a height of 2,207m meaning a height gain of 1,377m. The climb will take about 3 hours.

Prepare to be wowed - one of the most beautiful sites in our region is waiting for you at the top !